Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bradford Bride: Bubbly Love!

This week on the blog we feature Taylar and Collin's special day! We absolutely adored this couple and wanted to share with you their sweet, sweet love for one another! We also highlight some of our favorite details and aspects of their magical day! & you will find out later why we titled this blog "Bubbly Love!" -- so, stick with us and keep reading...

But first, check out Taylar and Collin's bridal portraits. Amid all of the decor, food, music, and wedding festivities, there are two people at the focal point of a wedding...the bride & groom, of course! With so much attention showered on the couple, a portrait session away from the crowds is a special time to capture private moments between the two and gives them a chance to be alone and reflect on the wonderful occasion!

Here at The Bradford, we want the couple's vision to really come out and shine on their day to remember! Our lovely side garden has hosted many couples as they say vows and kiss to come into unity as one! However, there have been many different visions on how to set-up the space. The beautiful alter on this couple's special day was adorned with a crystal chandelier and beautiful sheer linens tied back with gorgeous florals! Check out just how chic and classy this design is...

It is always a good idea to capture some of the small, yet exquisite details of your wedding day! More and more, we are seeing the infamous "must-have wedding day photo": the dress! This particular display is truly remarkable and shows off the lovely details of the bride's dress! Also featured is The Bradford's lovely vintage couch- a piece we allow all brides to use on their special day, if they wish to! 

As many of you know, The Bradford is owned by sister-team Courtney and Dana! The two also own an event planning company, C&D Events, and the design line of the company, Bushel & Peck! As sister companies, we cannot help but brag a little about the elegant, delightful, and simply gorgeous floral arrangements seen at Taylar and Collin's wedding done by the Bushel & Peck team...just look at how classy that floral centerpiece is! And no wedding day is complete without a stunning bridal bouquet- and this arrangement was the perfect amount of simple and superb!

And we cannot forget about the yummy treats we saw (and tasted!) at this event! A trend we have seen more recently among couples is to feature fun, unique, and outside-the-box ideas from having a traditional wedding cake! For Taylar and Collin, it was a magnificent cupcake display. And how neat is it that guests at the wedding get to pick which flavor of cupcake they want to enjoy! You can never go wrong with a delicious and cute cupcake...

And now is the time you have all been waiting for...the super fun and cute portrayal of "Bubbly Love!" How magical and magnificent is this photo?! No better way to kick-off a couple's unity than with the enchanting presence of some bubbles! 

Check out more photos from Taylar and Collin's wedding day....


Photography: Christina Forbes Photography
Planner: Vision Events
Florals: Bushel & Peck
Venue: The Bradford 


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