Thursday, October 27, 2016

Who We Are: Love to Celebrate!

Happy Thursday! Whitney here (first blog post—ahh!) to chat a bit about our love of celebration. It’s the next topic up in our “Who We Are” series.

Whether you are celebrating a first home, engagement, new puppy, or your kid taking their first steps - there is so much in life to celebrate! It’s the big occasions and the little moments that create memories that will last a lifetime. Don’t get me wrong, life is not always filled with moments that you want to celebrate, but that’s what makes life real. It’s what makes the sweet moments, even sweeter. But we at C&D love to find life's moments to celebrate and cherish. It’s one of the things that fuels us to do our jobs as wedding planners. A wedding is one of the biggest celebrations in a family’s life and we love to be a part of that to help make those memories.

A big celebration like a wedding also has deep meaningful moments hidden around every corner. It's where the small memories overlap with the lifetime celebrations. I’ve been married a little over 2 years now and remember back on my wedding day with a lot of smiles and joy. What I cherish the most are all the small moments that really makes my heart swell. Like the moment sitting around the bridal suite an hour before the wedding talking to my best friends or talking with my mom when she was getting her make-up done. It was all the small things that made their love and our conversation so meaningful. The icing on the cake to a big celebration. 

Today, let’s all find one thing to celebrate, whether it's big or small. 


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