Thursday, October 13, 2016

Who We Are: Wives

I'm excited to chime in on our "Who We Are" series about one of my favorite topics - marriage!  Obviously our team wouldn't be in this profession if we weren't passionate about our relationships and marriages.  Almost all of us are married - with one more team wedding next year!

I know personally I always dreamed of and talked about my future husband, even before I met him.  We were thrilled to have a sweet (and hot!) summer wedding, at a gorgeous venue and we were surrounded by so many of our friends and family. I absolutely love being a wife - and am crazy about my husband of 8 years.  Words can't express how much my marriage has changed me and encourages me - my husband is my biggest fan and strongest encourager.  He makes me a better me.  All of us on our team are supported by some really incredible men - guys who are hard working, motivated, handsome, and giving.

Obviously our working hours take up many weekends, and we often miss important family/friend events to spend time making magic happen for our clients' most special day.  We can't shout out enough to our husbands who sacrifice weekend time with us, take the kids for 12+ hours in a day and treat them to all sorts of goodies while we are away, and support our dream of making marriages happen one wedding day at a time!

We all believe that our marriages really are what we put into them, and that marriage isn't an everyday fairy tale, but takes so much hard work and compromise.  We've seen over time that the hardest times in our marriages have strengthened us, and that all the hard work we've put in has been worth it and has had rich rewards.  While it may be the hardest relationship we're in, it's also the best relationship we all enjoy.

We love that we get to support and encourage other new marriages for our job right from day one!  Here's to forever!



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