Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bradford Bride: Take a Walk Down This Enchanting Aisle

Welcome to the Wedding of John + Hayden

Let us take a walk down this beautiful aisle and check-out some of the stunning details, all-star vendors, and gorgeous bridal photos!

This special day was not only unbelievably elegant and remarkable, but it had close ties with The Bradford-- and in particular, Bailey, our venue manager. Her and Hayden are good friends from back home, so it was super fun and rewarding for Bailey to be a part of her special day! And not only did Hayden have a close friend to run The Bradford, her florals were designed and arranged by her Aunt. And to top it all off, her wedding planner was actually her childhood babysitter!
Now, let us take a look into some of the smaller details of the event that came together wonderfully to make this day one to remember! The side garden and wooden arbor is one of the most popular spots at The Bradford for ceremony. Not only is the wooded back-drop naturally beautiful, but the arbor is a blank slate that allows brides and designers to decorate in any way they wish. For Hayden + John the arbor was adorned with dark greenery, white blossoming florals, and pops of red and pink.

Now---brace yourselves--because the table set-up and elegant tableware was magical. From the crystal beaded chargers, the watercolor table markers, and the wine cork name cards- this design can only be described by one word: enchanting!

And to add to this enchanting atmosphere- the clear top tent embellished with brass chandeliers! This was actually the first couple we have had at The Bradford that went with the clear top tent. And wow, was this thing spectacular! Not only did it expose the clear skies and wooded scenery during the day, but the moon-light and twinkling stars at night.

What a lot of people do not realize is the hard-work that goes into making Bradford weddings so glamorous and put-together. With that being said, we wanted to give shout-outs to some of our favorite vendor friends, who also happened to make it out to Hayden + John's Wedding! 
Donovan's Dish, as one of our required caterers, does not only offer extremely delicious & delightful food, but their catering staff is wonderful to work with! Featured here are some yummy treats that guests at the wedding got to enjoy. 

A lot of couples opt to have a photo booth on their wedding day. Not only does this get guests involved and leave them with a copy of pictures to take home, but it is a great way to remember the people who were present on your special day (although they may be in goofy and fun costumes!) 
Lil Photo Bus, however, brings the fun and excitement of a typical photo booth into the unique and creative setting of an old Volkswagen bus! 

And to top it all off (with sprinkles & chocolate syrup!), Hayden + John had Two Roosters Ice Cream come out- giving the guests a sweet little treat before the night was over. And boy, was the ice cream scrumptious!

This sweet couple was a pleasure to work with and we are so happy we could be a part of their special day. The love this couple shares for one another is so obvious, and we love snapshots in time that spotlight just how much they are in love. Now, let us take a look at some of our favorite pictures of Hayden + John!

(This is my absolute favorite picture by the way! The groom's breath is taken away as he watches his beautiful bride walk down the aisle)

& the kiss to seal the deal!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our Favorite Things...Part I

We have a two part series for the blog this holiday season - Our Favorite Things! Today, we hear from Becca, Courtney, Julie, Kelsy & Sarah!

Becca's Favorites
Noonday Jewelry: I have quite a few statement pieces of jewelry that I ear often from Noonday. LOVE this organization and the causes it supports - Noonday creates sustainable jobs for women all over the world - and in turn, those ladies create some beautiful jewelry! I would definitely recommend checking them out for the perfect piece for a female Christmas gift! I want it all! Here's their website for more!

Connoisseurs Diamond Cleaning Pen: This little pen is magic! I mean how many of us actually have time to often go into the jewelry store to get our rings cleaned?  This ring allows you to shine up that bling at home!  I found mine at Bed Bath and Beyond!

Beauty Counter: My friend Katie Bagwell got me hooked on Beauty Counter this year! I love their facial products because they don't contain all of the yuck ingredients and chemicals that many products on the market do contain - and, the best part, they WORK!  I especially love the Charcoal cleaning bar right now - it's gentle, non drying, and really helps fight blemishes in your skin. I even have my husband using it!  I have quite a few Beauty Counter Products on my wish list this Christmas!

Courtney's Favorites
Clark Maroon Wedges: because everyone knows maroon is the new black AND, most importantly, I can wear these for a whole wedding - start to finish - and as any wedding planner knows that's amazing!

Ipsy Bag: Loving my subscription to Ipsy (a gift from my sweet friend Tricia) lately. So fun to try out new products and looks without having to go shopping - which let's face it - make up shopping with a toddler is on the TOP of everyone's list of fun things to do!

Julie's Favorites
Books: I absolutely love curling up with a good book. But none of that non-fiction nonsense. I love fiction; being transorted to a different time and place, especially with a little post-apocolytic romance thrown in. My favorites are long series that pull me in for weeks or even months like Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, Divergent. If I had to pick one favorite book though I would have to be honest and say that it is the first Twilight. I know, thats so not "in" anymore, but its the only book that I have ever willingly picked up to read more than once. I will not let you know how many times I've read it though ;)

Chocolate: When I curl up with these books I always snack on dark chocolate (and red wine, but I could only pick two things and chocolate takes priority over wine most days ;)). My favorite type of chocolate is dark with any fun flavor thrown in like orange or sea salt.  Trader Joes has the BEST assortment of these with "Caramel and black sea salt" taking first prize.

Kelsy's Favorites
Earrings from World Market: They have the best styles and are such a great price ($5-$20).

Smart Wool Socks: They last forever and keep your feet toasty warm. :) 

Sarah's Favorites
 Rewined Candles: My husband brought home my first Rewined candle and I immediately fell in love with them! These candles are made in Charleston, SC from hand-cut repurposed wine bottles using 100% soy wax. My favorite is from their Signature Collection - champagne! They also offer Blanc and Magnum Collections and a Winter Seasonal - Wine Under the Tree. These candles make perfect gifts for the wine lover in your life! I always have one burning in my kitchen!
Sage Paper Co: This is a new favorite of mine and one I'm very excited about! I met owner, Alexa, recently at The Bradford Open House. She does hand-painted paper goods, including note cards, quotes, wedding invitations and more! She is so talented! I've got two of her pieces, the Buddy the Elf quote pictured below and one that says "fortune favor the brave" that hangs in my daughter's room. And I have big plans for a gift for the hubby in the near future! Here is her website to look at her work and shop!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Bradford: Weddings...& So Much More!

The holiday season is just around the corner...literally just hours away (& who is not excited about some Thanksgiving turkey!)...and we at The Bradford wanted to share with you just how versatile our venue is! As many of you know, we have been featured as one of the most romantic wedding venues in North Carolina. And many of the events we have at The Bradford are weddings. But, our space is also open to events beyond just weddings! 

Such as the Photography Workshop we recently opened our doors to early this November! Amy Allen Photography hosted a small workshop- in which a group of people interested in photography and improving their skills came out to learn, snap, and capture during a styled shoot!
Take a look at the behind the scenes photos of this fun and insightful experience...
* *

With such an open and dynamic space to make your own, The Bradford is the perfect spot to host events like this one. Anything from corporate parties, wine & design, jewelry showcases, yoga classes, banquet dinners, or artistic workshops-- The Bradford would make the perfect venue! 

And with December coming near, we would not want you to miss out on hosting the perfect holiday party. If you are interested in hosting any sort of event at The Bradford, please contact Bailey- our venue manager- for information regarding pricing, packages, or what we have to offer!

With all that...we hope that your holiday season is time well spent with family, friends, and loved ones! Safe travels to all and we hope to see you out at The Bradford soon (: 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Real Wedding: Alison + Robert at the Bradford

What a gorgeous wedding!  This couple was one of my favorites, from the moment I met Alison and her mom (aka best friend/wedding planner partner in crime!) at our first meeting at Cracker Barrel.  Alison and Robert have the most gorgeous baby boy who was only months old at their wedding, and was such a champ!  One of the highlights of the day was when they invited little Dawson onto the dance floor for their first dance - what an emotional moment! What a fairy tale day - not to mention her dress was to DIE for! Best wishes to you, Alison and Robert, for a wonderful, happily ever after! 

Venue: The Bradford
Photography: Jennifer Haygood Photography
Videography: 21 Films
Planner/designer: Becca/C&D Events
Florals: Bushel and Peck
Rentals: CE Rentals
Caterer: Green Planet Catering
DJ: Ross Merle
Ceremony Music: Amaree & Ben Davis
HMU: Makeup by Ashley Mooney
Cake: Details Cake Design