Monday, January 30, 2017

Real Wedding: Alannah + Gabriel at The Bradford

I am so thrilled to share pictures from Alannah and Gabriel's wedding at The Bradford this past fall. You may remember this post from the Monday after their event. They were my (Dana's) couple from Hurricane Matthew. 

I loved working with Alannah. She was so easy to get along with and was always so kind and appreciative. I knew when we met and I heard her vision for the day - it was going to be gorgeous. She wanted a very Italian/Tuscany feel with lots of food! They had such fun little touches all over. Guests were welcomed into the house (by the bus load!) and ushered into the ballroom for the ceremony. Guests were then welcomed back into the house for the cocktail hour while the ballroom was flipped for the reception. We did have to separate some guests into the house because of the weather, but guests were pretty understanding. The guests enjoyed a photo booth, a food truck (for drunk food!!), and an endless bar of premium drinks. We ended up extending the night an extra hour to account for time lost during dinner and no one left until midnight! It was such a fun evening and some of my favorite wedding stories have stemmed from this night. 

The wedding aside- it was a tough day for everyone. There was a point where everyone had to mourn for the true vision of the event- but all the vendors pulled together to deliver an event that was the best it could have possibly been during a category 3 Hurricane. The Bradford staff did not stop moving all night. We were all drenched from head to toe, and worked endlessly to flip space after space to accommodate all the guests. No one complained, no one grumbled. It was the most epic of a team I could have asked for. On top of all that -I had a bride that kept it together and smiled, laughed, and had a great time. It was an event that I look at and realize that I love what I do! I love that these two trusted to me with so much. I know on the outside people look at a wedding planner and think it is so trivial. But what they don't see is how much relief we provide people. A wedding day is a day that you start your life with another person. It is a day of pure joy and celebration when you stand in front of your friends and family and commit your life to another human being. It is emotional that fact alone. Add in circumstance beyond your control and it gets downright overwhelming. There is nothing that makes me more satisfied than getting the chance to be the calm in someone's literal storm. 

Alannah and Gabe - Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for being calm. Thank you letting me be your "person" on one of your biggest days. Thank you for letting my console you when you needed it. You two will always hold a special place in my heart. I know the future is bright and full of joy for you both! 

Enjoy the pictures from Caroline Lima

Polaroid Guest Book

The mantle looking awesome 

I loved their simple invitation design. It reflected the event so well

One of my favorite verses!

Donna just knocked it out of the park! 

Not a bad hurricane back up plan!

I loved all the touches of wood 

Such a neat idea! 

Sugar Euphoria a hurricane..with this beauty! 

Ballroom has never looked so awesome!

Menu cards and favors

These smelled amazing!

So many details! 

Isn't she just gorgeous?!

About to see his bride

So sweet

One of my favorites! 

Can't even tell there is a hurricane!

These people- so many awesome people

Love this 

I mean - how cute are they?!?


They were like this all night

Drunk food!!


A "We did it!" Tequila shot at the end of the night. This picture just makes me laugh every single time. I may have it printed out on my desk :)

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!
Venue: The Bradford
Planner: Dana with C&D Events
Rentals: CE Rental
Caterer: Donovan's Dish
 Ceremony and Reception Music:All Around Raleigh DJ
Dessert: Sugar Euphoria
Paper Products: Shutterbooth
Food Truck: Bam Pow Chow
Furniture: Greenhouse Picker Sisters 
Hair and Makeup: Wedding Hair by Liz


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