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Recap of The Top 16 Things We're Excited about in 2016!

Last year we wrote several blogs about The Top 16 Things We're Excited about in 2016To start 2017 off, we wanted to give you a recap of each. 

TOP 16 of 2016
1. Chapel Hill Magazine - not too much here other than it was cool to be in a magazine! 

2. The Knot Best of 2016 - one of our favorite awards! We always feel so fortunate to get this. 

3. NACE - Who doesn't want an excuse to go out on a Tuesday night and have a drink and an awesome meal? But seriously - it has been a great year! We have met so many new people, and tried so many new things! We planned the January event and then the May event. We have loved being a part of this organization. We really love the camaraderie, the networking, and there have been a few meetings where we have completely changed our day to day business based on the speakers and their awesome tips and advice. If you aren't a part of NACE- join. It is so worth it. 

4. Leah - Wow... what a year! I can’t believe that it’s already been almost a year since I wrote my blog post on what I was looking forward to for 2016  – time seems to fly by even faster every year! 

There is so much to reflect back and smile on for the year. From all of the amazing weddings that I was able to be a part of, to getting a promotion at work and taking on more responsibilities, to turning 30!  I achieved my goal of obtaining my Professional in Human Resources certification and my favorite team won the Super Bowl (go Broncos!). But the most exciting thing of all... Adam and I got engaged!

Getting to plan my own wedding has been so much fun, but I often times forget that I’m the one who’s going to be walking down the aisle. This time I’m the bride! It has also given me a new perspective when I’m planning the weddings of my couples. Now that I’m going through the process myself I can understand even more why people feel certain ways when planning. One day you’re thrilled, one day you’re disappointed, one day you’re stressed... and a lot of days you are just OVER IT. I think having planned my own wedding and going through all the steps will only make me a better planner for my couples. Thankfully Adam has been a fantastic planning (and life) partner and we could not be more excited for our wedding in June. We’re down to only 142 days (but who’s counting)!

I know that there were some crazy, sad, weird and downright ridiculous things that happened in 2016, but for me it was a fantastic year and I choose to focus on all of the good that happened!
I’ll tell you what though... 2017 will be EVEN BETTER

5. Pre-Wedding Soiree in Southern Bride and Groom - What a great shoot! We were up for an award- but didn't get it- sad! But we still love it anyways. And the BEST thing that came out of that shoot was our relationship with Casey Rose Photography. We have become such good friends with her even doing my Boudoir session! We love her work so much but love her even more

6. Caroline - Caroline is married!  She moved to Pennsylvania and then promptly moved back 6 months later! She let us know she was coming and on the hunt for a job. Literally a few weeks later Empire Properties was hiring so we put in a good word for her and now you can find her there working with the oh so wonderful Mollyanne. 

7. C and D is in SBG! - What a year! This was our first year in SBG as C and D Events - and we are pretty happy with it. We love the magazine and the community that comes with it. 

8. Bradford Improvements - oh the improvements! We put in TONS of money to fix drainage at the front of the property, add a grander entrance, some retaining walls, and overall just some touch ups to the front. And it has worked great. In the hurricane, the front never flooded! It just kept the water moving!! We were thrilled to say the least. We also added a covered catering deck, a brand new storage building, And finished the walkway from the house to the ballroom. It has been a busy year out here and it will be even busier next year!

9. Dana - Well we did go to Hawaii and it was amazing. It was the trip of a lifetime and we are so grateful we go to go! We have decided not to expand our house and we are currently looking for land to build on. Don't worry we will still be close by within a few miles- but we just felt like we needed our space and truly a better investment for us financially. Courtney is already stressing about her own personal doomsday of when I move off :) Don't worry Court- we will still be "neighbors!" 

10. Weddings Magazine - what a beautiful magazine! It was such an honor to be a part of it last year. We adore the team there and always feel so loved and part of the family. We are SO stoked to show you 2017's issue- it is AMAZING!

11. Courtney - Business: I loved my computer all year - We had very few negative exchanges! I was also right to be excited about expanding our team - and have we ever expanded! We have three planners now - Leah, Kelsey, and newest Whitney - they are all great and booking their own events for 2017! We have a new office manager - Sarah - who is making life more organized in the office! We also have Julie - our bushel and peck manager who is rocking out the conception, organization, and implementation of our client's visions! Lastly we have Bailey - hired officially in May 2016 and she has made the Bradford her baby (she is our new manager) and boy does she take care of it - and we love her for it!
Personally: It certainly has been a year of self discovery and I feel like a stronger person stepping out of 2016 than I did stepping in. I wouldn't say it was easy (Nor is it easy right now) but I totally think it was worth it! I did log a few personal trips too - One to San Antonio for a week with a good friend of mine and another with my Grandmother and Mother  (and sisters and cousin) to Asheville NC and it was wonderful to take the time for myself. 

12. Office Organization - this really should mean we hired Sarah!! She keeps us organized and all our crap together. Lifesaver is not enough of a word to describe her. We still use 17 hats - but she manages it all. She has taken over scheduling, blogging, social media, and accounting. It is the best present I ever gave myself! 

13. Our Clients - 2016 was quite the year for clients! We had some really amazing ones that literally make me still tear up to think about. Some of my favorite weddings were from this year. We are so lucky they trusted us with the most important day of their life. 

14. Becca - 2016 was full of goodness for me personally.  Overall, it was a productive year and probably my most successful as a wedding planner - I was a part of 18 weddings/events/designs total for some really wonderful clients!  I've said before that my favorite part of the job is getting to know my clients, spending time with them, executing their wishes for the most perfect celebration, and then seeing them enjoy their day!  This year was full of those things professionally, and I'm so grateful to have a career that I most definitely enjoy.  I've learned a lot professionally this year - mostly having to do with learning about my strengths and what things really matter in my career/to my clients.

For me personally, I've reached some goals I set like learning to maintain a work/home life balance (still learning too!), enjoy motherhood, and still dating and falling in love with my husband more.  This year we celebrated my daughter's first birthday home, celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary, and found out that we are having baby #2 (coming June 2017!).  

I rang in the New Year with my teammate Dana and a few ladies from our awesome design team (check out if you haven't yet!) - celebrating the marriage of one of my favorite couples this year.  It was a sweet celebration of two friends of mine who have waited a long time to meet their perfect match - and I was reminded throughout the night just how much I love my job.  Really!  I'm looking forward to 2017 - with fresh professional and personal goals and even a little bit of change here and there too (baby!).

15. Vendor Connections - we have loved working with so many new people this year. We especially love the relationships we have started and maintained as well. Going back and reading that post- it is so true!! This was our 2016! We asked so many questions, put ourselves out there, and dug in to these vendors. We have been so rewarded! We adore this industry and even though at times it can feel like high school- we wouldn't trade it. 

16. Bridal Shower Styled Shoot - still one of my favorites. It was such a vibrant shoot! We often refer to it as the pink party- and I mean-  who wouldn't love that! 


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